Cheap VR Headset For PC Gaming

Cheap VR Headset For PC Gaming

Today we’re going to talk about the Cheap VR headset for PC gaming in 2019. You guys are here because you are searching for the best buyer guide before buying right? Well, you’re in the right place. Many brands provide Virtual reality headsets for gaming, but many beginners don’t know which one is best in their budget. Let’s assume you’re here with the same problem.

Now before going to the in-depth review of products first, you need to know about the necessary things to consider when buying VR headsets because many people forget about the basic things like if the headset is compatible with there PC or not, etc.

Things To Consider When buying VR Gaming Headset for PC Gaming:


If you need a VR headset to play games on your pc, then you must have a high-end gaming computer for VR headset to work with your computer. VR headsets with computer connectivity are expensive than the normal ones. We’ve researched and reviewed the best budget gaming headsets below.


In today’s time, only some of the brands provide durable and reliable products. The durability of the product is the most important thing because there would be no benefit if we buy an expensive product and it doesn’t have a long lifespan. Some of the most popular brands in VR headsets are HTC, Oculus, HP, Samsung, etc. We have listed the most popular and reliable branded products below. So before buying you are going to know what exactly you’re going to buy.


Many of the buyers regret after buying headsets because either they don’t like the design or it just doesn’t work for them. For example, if you wear glasses, then some headsets are not that much comfortable as compared to others. We will provide you with the complete details in this article, but after checking the specs and price from here, it’s better to check youtube videos for a hands-on review of your chosen headset.


Are you here for searching for the best gaming VR headsets right? Then you should check if the headset you’re buying consists of the controllers in the package. VR is for different purposes, and VR gaming headset should always come up with controllers. If you’re thinking of buying a headset first and then the controllers than it won’t be a good idea and it will be expensive for you. You can check our reviewed products below for the best VR headset for PC gaming with controllers.

Best Cheap VR Headset For PC Gaming:

1 HTC Vive



when it was initially released the HTC Vive was far ahead of its competitor the oculus rift. It supports room-scale tracking out of the box and comes with two motion controllers that allow it to offer a great experience.

Now the gap is decreased and the oculus rift’s features are similar to Vive’s and now it includes two motion controllers of its own. Yet, the Vive still has the edge over the Oculus because for our money the room-scale tracking is that much better. This feature allows you to walk around a space that's 4.5 by a 4.5 meters big adding another dimension to the feeling of presence that you experience while using it.

If you have enough space in your room, of course, the headset itself contains two 1080p screens that make for a very crisp image. Unfortunately, it's not quite high resolution enough to prevent you from being able to discern individual pixels when you wear it.

The original Vive lacks, however, despite not being the latest and greatest Vive where the initial HTC gains back points are in its price though it's still more expensive than the oculus rift.

2. HTC Vive Pro 

HTC Vive Pro

HTC Vive Pro

The newest high-end VR headset comes with a lot of impressive specs take for instance the HTC Vive pro-resolution of 2880 x 1600 offering a 78 percent increase in dots per inch than the HTC Vive this means ultra-crisp visual fidelity that lets you experience textures and shadows in a way previously impossible in VR.

The HTC Vive pro perks don't end, and there's also the addition of built-in headphones and a new nose guard that do a better job of blocking out light than the HTC VR.

Everyone agrees that the HTC Vive Pro is a clear evolution in both design and tech and the older HTC Vive however, for all its shiny new specs the new navy blue color and a game library that will be extended for sure..

The HTC Vive Pro has some drawbacks, the main one is obvious that it's expensive and it doesn't come up with accessories in the box that's right you'll have to buy controllers and sensors separately.

The setup is also difficult with Vive pro because all of your firmware has to be as up-to-date as possible even then you may run into some difficulties which could deter the average user from jumping into the Vive pro experience.

​3. Oculus rift

Oculus rift

Oculus rift

The current VR headset race is all because of the founder of Oculus. Palmer Luckey as a teenager collected VR tech and was fascinated with making his own headsets in his garage.

Now Oculus is still the biggest name in VR industry and it's seen some decent upgrades over the years thanks to the inclusion of the touch controllers and a couple of crucial price drops yeah compared to the HTC vive room scale technology.

The rift isn't quite as good and the reason is that while the vive is designed to let you walk around the room in any direction by default the rift has you placed it's two centers in front of you This means that the tracking is more single-sided, and you can't let yourself get turned around or the sensors will lose track of you the experience is a bit different when you add a third sensor to the mix.


  • Easy setup without a base station
  • Reduced screen-door effect
  • Better guardian system
  • It gives the best result for users who wear glasses

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